First fumbling steps with two dogs

I don’t know why dog training comes so easy to me. In my teenage years my closest buddy was a dog. I was living on a farm sustaining emotional abuse from my uncles and aunts. Preferring their mild version to the shattering type from my mother.

2007-09sept-018Attending public school in a country side of Iceland means a barren social environment. Being a stranger to the other kids, who had known each other for years, confined my young soul to solitude. Especially when the young boy is struggling with slings and arrows of a fortune he can’t understand for the next three decades.

Understandably my games of play after school and the long summer days where in solitude. Solitude broken only by the dog struggling to please the grown ups on the farm who disliked dogs. Spending a lot of time in the fields around with the horses and enjoying milking time as well as fetching and driving the cows to and from.

2005-10okt-011Reflecting on this it probably isn’t strange that as a grown man I connect easier to animals, human beings somehow being distant from my comprehension.

As I began my new life with K?ta I discovered an ability to train dogs and I discovered to my surprise that I could actually understand their messages without ever looking up their signs in a book.

Of course I read books and internet sites. I scrutinized everyone which I met who had dogs, and I wished to absorb everything. I really wished to learn from those more expirenced than I was. Especially I felt gratified having met these wonderful people in Ireland which had introduced me to the ease with which a dog can harmonize with us.

Of all the material I’ve read, two books have been of the most benefit: “The Farmers Dog” by John Holmes and “The hidden life of dogs” by Elizabeth Marshall Thomas.

Somehow without me really realizing it, I and K?ta where learning and training faster than is the norm even with very experienced of trainers. We lived together, travelled together and played together. She taught me about myself and about love, I taught her how to do tricks. She is still giving me lessons.

When K?ta was almost two years old, I came to my second break-up in the fabulous world of relationships. I had met an interesting woman in the same month I met K?ta.

2007-07july-alm-001That woman was even more interesting than my first one and her shadow can still – four years since the break-up – darken my days.

As God’s love is often more mysterious than our own wisdom, that shadow completely erased the memories of my first one. As he blessed me with a path of thorny roses for the following three years, I have come to appreciate life in a way I’d never have expected.

Placing more value on my dogs, and on myself than my granny, much less my mother, would ever have fathomed.

At K?ta’s second birthday this interesting woman had finally succeeded, in her unseeming task of, getting me to place greater value on herself than on my dog. As luck and Gods love will have it, I had placed K?ta with a dear friend for a while. In an instant the interesting truth about that woman was revealed and a couple of months later not only K?ta came back to my home, but Lj?fur as well.




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Has trained German Shepherd dogs for Search and Rescue years ago. Maintaines a pack of mixes and purebreds and lives with his pack and trains on a regular basis. Is a qualified instructor in dog training at a training club in Iceland.

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