K?ta the stray puppy becomes mine

I was almost thirty-eight and still there was no dog in my life. I had spent a year in solitude healing from stormy relationship and emotional abuse, which had been a torture?for six long years.

2005-09sept-087I still hadn?t recovered my a?belief in myself or my self esteem. I had just begun taking a look around in the dating market. I had a chat one evening with a promising female about the subject of dogs. She had herself had three dogs, one after another, and somehow lost all of them.

I told her about the non-trivial matters which always had stopped me from plunging in. How I still couldn?t let go of it, but somehow kept seeing obstacles in my head.

?Sometimes you just have to stop thinking and start doing? she replied. When I went to bed that night her voice kept sounding in my head and I resolved to begin the following morning to plunge in.

I had read a newspaper article about the only dog-daycare in Reykjav?k and decided the following morning to pay them a visit. Get a little bit of information before making the final decision. As it happens there is located just a few metres from the dog-daycare a veterinary hospital.

Something in my head clinged when I drove by and I decided to talk to them first.

I went inside and asked them if they sometimes had to put puppies down. Yes they replied, in fact there is one here just now. When I asked if I could take a look at the puppy I was told to call them after lunch. They would have to confer if the puppied could be let go or not. It was a four months old female which had been left on their doorstep just after closing time the day before.

The people who left her had been observed and questioned by the cleaning lady. They told her that the puppie had a tendency to bite children and couldn?t be house trained!

I went to have a look at the dog-daycare and then went home. The next two hours at home, I couldn?t stop thinking that perhaps today I would get my first real dog. When I finally made the phone call to the vet my mind was made up.

If they would release the dog to me I would take her and keep her. If she had problems, I would find a way to help her through them.

The vet?s nurse told me the same things again. That it might be precarious to take the puppy, but I hadn?t yet seen her. I told her about my background from grannies farm, that I was used to animals and if I would take her that I would treat her responsiby. Finally she agreed to let me have a look at her. We both knew that there might be a chance that we wouldn?t take to each other.

One look into her eyes and there was no turning back! She would come home with me, and she knew it. She knew I would take her with me, I have no idea how I knew that she knew.

110720101309On the way home she investigated everything in the car. I had a Nissan Sunny at the time and she found a spot where she could lie down and take a look at the world.

On that ten minute journey from the hospital and home I learnt my first dog-lesson.

As much as the puppy seemed to pay attention or show interest in everything except me, she turned to me in an instant if I made any sound to beckon her. Showing to me, which later experience has confirmed, that a dog is constantly on the alert to any sign from a human being towards him, ready to respond.

We went soon that day for our first walk just outside of town. The following day I discovered by chance that one of my good friends had trained two German Shepherds and was willing to pass on to me everything he knew.

A week later me and K?ta had discovered how to home train her and keep the house clean. Together we found her name, a custom I have kept to this day with all my dogs. We had met most of my friends and family, going for drives and walks. In one of our first walks she taught me my first lesson about myself, though not the last one, by far the most important one.




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Has trained German Shepherd dogs for Search and Rescue years ago. Maintaines a pack of mixes and purebreds and lives with his pack and trains on a regular basis. Is a qualified instructor in dog training at a training club in Iceland.

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