The first puppy

It is always an exciting event to choose a puppy, even for the most experienced dog-people it is a very exiting moment.

2008-08agu-579Visiting a litter just to see, makes you want to take a puppy home. Babies are always and tender, wether human or from other animals.

Yet, puppies have some special charisma and smell that simply melts your heart.

Their cute little noses and paws, their sensitive tails which later will be part of their language, their squeeky little noises, and the way their mother watches you while you hold them for just a moment.

Your heart melts everyt time.

There is a downside to choosing a puppy which all experienced dog-owners are aware of, but rarely the one choosing a first puppy. What will happen next? What kind of dog will the puppy grow into? Will we always be able to keep it?

There are many consideration to think of when choosing a puppy, but this post isn’t about them, but only on these questions. Because a puppy will love you totally and unquestionably and for him it will be for life. Not all people undersand this and are not always ready to honor it.




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Has trained German Shepherd dogs for Search and Rescue years ago. Maintaines a pack of mixes and purebreds and lives with his pack and trains on a regular basis. Is a qualified instructor in dog training at a training club in Iceland.

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